The History Behind Mini Dental Implants in Owasso, OK

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of dental implants. But our mini dental implants in Owasso, OK may be the first time you’ve heard the “mini” term used. That’s because Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK is one of the only dental office in the Owasso area to offer this service.

Unlike conventional implant treatments, the mini dental implants that we use in Owasso, Oklahoma are smaller in diameter and length than their traditional counterparts. However, they still promote the full osseointegration process — or the new bone formation and fusion between the jaw and implant — that you see in a typical implant placement.

Why does this matter? Because even if someone isn’t a candidate for classic dental implant therapy, mini implants may still be an option. The slimmer and shorter design provides many of the same functions even though space in the mouth is restricted.

Mini implants were designed to…

  • Be placed in areas where space is limited, such as when tooth movement around the space has occurred between the tooth being extracted and the implant being installed.
  • Provide an option where bone is narrow or too shallow to support a larger dental implant.
  • Enable an efficient, same day placement as opposed to a longer surgical and recovery time.
  • Stabilize removable dentures or other types of fixed implant supported dentures for daily comfort and enhanced biting function.
  • Eliminate the embarrassment caused by missing teeth, when better options are not available.

How do Mini Dental Implants Work?

A mini dental implant is just a smaller version of a regular dental implant. On the date of the implant placement, we make a small opening in the gums and set the implant “root” into the jaw, near the area of the missing tooth.

Once installed, an abutment is affixed to the top of the implant, which is what the crown or denture attaches onto, connecting your prosthesis with the actual implant body.

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