Benefits of Our Mini Dental Implants in Owasso, OK

When you need to replace a missing tooth but you aren’t a candidate for conventional implant therapy, it’s time to think about mini dental implants in Owasso, OK!

What Are Mini Implants?

As one of Owasso, Oklahoma’s few mini dental implant providers, Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK is able to provide a wider selection of treatment choices to our patients. Unlike a larger conventional implant, a “mini” dental implant is slimmer in design, allowing us to place it in areas of more shallow or narrow bone.

Advantages for Your Missing Tooth Needs

The benefits of a mini dental implant make it possible to restore your smile in a comfortable manner, even if there’s not enough space to place a conventional implant.

Here are some of the most common reasons why we recommend them to our patients…

Cost Effective: A mini dental implant is generally more affordable than getting a traditional implant. Why? Because the streamlined process requires fewer appointments and less invasive techniques. Almost anyone can afford them — especially with our flexible dental financing plans.

Same Day Implant Treatment: Larger implants require a great deal of planning — and sometimes three-dimensional scans — before the surgery can be mapped out or the prosthesis designed. Because mini implants are smaller in diameter and shorter in length, their placement is very straightforward. It’s almost easier than getting a dental filling.

Predictable, High Quality Results: You don’t necessarily need a full-sized implant to anchor a dental crown or denture in place for everyday wear. Rather, Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK strategically places each mini implant in an area for maximum stability, so that you can smile with confidence.

Stabilize Your Removable Denture

If you’re already wearing a removable denture, it can be modified or retrofitted to anchor on top of your mini dental implants. The abutments allow you to “snap” your denture in place, so that no messy adhesives or pastes are necessary. This keeps your prosthesis securely in place all day long for confident and comfortable wear.

Are you ready to find out if mini dental implants in Owasso, Oklahoma are right for you? Call Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK today to schedule a consultation.